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Ponds & Water Features

Aquarium Maintenance & Services

What we do

pondplantAquatic Interiors designs, installs, and maintains ponds, pond-less waterfalls, and water features. In addition we can stock and care for the animals and plants that live in and around the water. We will build your pond or can service an existing pond, large or small.

How it works

We have the expertise to handle a water feature from concept through a total service package. This allows our customers to deal with one company for every aspect of their pond or water garden. We are supported by employees with expertise in installation and plumbing, plants, fish and other water life, and a 24 hour service capability.

Ponds are not just a “Summer Thing”

pondWater features are beautiful year-round, and in fact, colder climates are great for ponds and water gardens. Installation is best in warmer weather and can be surprisingly quick. It is not unusual with proper planning for the entire installation process to be completed in less than 48 hours. Yes, that includes evacuation, plumbing, rocks, plants, and running water! There are reasons why water features are the fastest growing segment of the lawn and garden industry- beauty, relaxing sound, fish, and colorful plants to name a few!


Aquatic Interiors is backed by 34 years of experience. We choose the best components and processes for building and maintaining your pond. We have attended the industries best schools to learn installation methods because we want you to enjoy your water feature for a lifetime.

Its your choice

Whether or not you choose Aquatic Interiors, trust your install and maintenance to professionals. We’ve seen many ponds that were problems from day one because of design and installation flaws. There are tried and true methods, and you deserve for your water feature to be free of annoying problems.


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